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Team building and motivation are best achieved through fun rather than adversity - Active Attractions has some seriously good FUN. We offer a great range of fun team activities. It is important to ensure your team has the opportunity to interact in an entertaining environment, enabling them to develop and enhance existing communication skills and breed confidence within the team.

A unique and fun way to challenge your staff to be the best they can be!


Benefits of Team Building

1. Enables employees to work as a team outside their normal day to day activities, therefore challenging them to find solutions; delegate individual team members to participate in different activities which are best suited to their own abilities and supporting one another in their efforts.

2. Due to the way in which we organise team selections, your employees are out of their departmental groups and are mixing with other department and management levels. This aquaints your employees with members of the other departments.

3. The management and workers differences can be put aside and team members can collectively strive for a common goal WINNING! The most important lesson to be learnt is that employees on any level of authority are all working together for a common purpose.

The age and level of enthusiasm of the players would decide the choice of games supplied. Each activity requires (2) teams, depending on how many activities you have you will need double the amount of teams per activity. We can create teams at random or you can organise the teams internally within your organisation, if you want team names you will need to inform us prior to the day so we can create the score cards & print team T-shirts if you require.

All equipment is fully supervised by trained, courteous and professional staff, that is committed to ensuring all equipment operates safely for the entire duration of your event.

Packages Include:
All Activities and Equipment
Operating Staff
Scoring Facilities
MC/Scorer, Full Planning & Event Coordination

Suggested Format
• A choice of activities are set-up and run by Active Attractions FUN event operators. The operators will organise and run each activity and pack it all away on completion. We provide an experienced coordinator with a PA system(if required) along with umpires and scorers.
• We suggest teams of between 4 and 12
• All teams are directly competing against another team.
• Around 15-20 minutes per activity
•Points are scored for each activity and a winner has the accumulated best score of the day.

Team Package 1 - (3 rounds of approx 20 minutes: 90-120 min total)

• 24-48 Participants
• Three activities
• Six groups competing
• One umpire, one coordinator and a scorer (three operators in total)

Team Package 2 - (4 rounds of approx 20 minutes: 120-150 min total)

• 48-96 Participants
• Four activities
• Eight groups competing
• Two umpires, one coordinator and a scorer (Four operators in total)

A package can be tailored to your specific numbers and requirements.

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements

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